The journey to the truth begins with you.

Tentative book coverYou have never read a book like this!

Journey with the authors beyond the horizons of ordinary reality on their real-life spiritual quest to discover the truth about The Divine, the afterlife, and other secrets of the universe.
Jim Buckman and his co-author, Trish, have had many spiritual and mystical adventures together. They have made numerous life-changing discoveries while on a quest to remember who we are as human beings and what our collective place is in the cosmos. They wanted real answers and they found them!
This book is painted on the canvas of a beautiful spiritual book blended with a palette of colorful memoirs of mystical adventures, a dash of stories of discoveries about Deities, angels and other spirit guides, guided meditations and much more. This is a recipe for a book that you won't be able to put down and a painting of who we really are and what our full potential is as human beings.

This book goes beyond "being here now" and "embracing change" to a level not usually seen in print. Journey with the authors beyond the horizons of ordinary reality on their real-life spiritual quest to discover the truth about The Divine, the afterlife and other secrets of the universe. Their quest for spiritual truth, sometimes involving out of body travel and occasional breathtaking battles with  demons, begins when they ask for and finally receive the gift of real two-way communication with The Divine and the angels. They soon find themselves standing inside the  beautiful gateway to the non-physical world of the afterlife where they receive the gift of knowing there is an afterlife and that human beings are vastly more than most have been lead to believe.

The Truth to which the authors refer in their writings encompasses much more than any religious doctrine or belief system. The Truth is open to all. This non-religious spiritual book will shed a new, uncensored light on the age-old mysteries of life, death, deity, the cosmos and much more. You will be shocked. You might even be disturbed. In the end, you will be amazed. Then you'll wonder why no one told you any of this before.

There are dozens of books on the market that talk about "being here now" or "living in the present moment". While those ideas are quite good, they do not usually lead directly to answers to life's biggest questions yet each is one of many steps on the path toward awakening. Embracing change, part of the old idea of 'acceptance of what is', is also a very healthy thing to do but cannot usually answer life's biggest questions directly either. Even so, it is another important step on the path toward awakening and enlightenment. Most of today's spiritual teachers offer variations on these same messages and teachings yet the big questions we all have often remain unanswered.

The authors take a fresh new approach to spirituality and the awakening of consciousness. Rather than drawing on or synthesizing from spiritual teachings of the past as almost every modern spiritual teacher does, the authors rely largely on their direct connection to Divinity, to The Source, for their inspiration, their guidance and their teachings. Their goal is to empower the reader toward a path of spiritual enlightenment and a life filled with peace and stillness. The Book of Herman: The Divine Inside takes a new approach to spiritual awakening by first taking the reader on several vicarious adventures throughout the cosmos. The authors show you what they discovered regarding the possible existence of an afterlife and Divinity in its many forms. Then they'll show you some of the things that keep you from finding your own truth and discovering who you really are. After that, it's your turn! The authors will show you an easy to use method to gently open your third eye chakra through a series of powerful guided meditations. These guided meditations will lead you into deeper and deeper states of consciousness. As you progress with your meditative practice, you will be shown how to ask for and receive true Divine guidance. Eventually, you will have a good chance of experiencing your own out of body experiences that will show you through first hand experience you are more than your physical body and allow you to explore the universe for yourself.

The journey begins with you, the reader.

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