About The Authors

This book is written by Jim Buckman with. Patricia Mojica as a contributing editor.

Jim Buckman has been gifted with claircognative and clairsentient abilities since childhood. While in grade school in 1970, he read a story in a popular elementary magazine about the twin towers of the World Trade Center that were under construction at the time in New York City. As soon as he read the story, he saw a clear vision of the disastrous events that were to occur 31 years later and this upset him greatly. Unfortunately, he was ignored. Jim became very ill in the late 1970s and had a near death experience while hospitalized. The result was a profound spiritual transformation that completely dissolved his old identity. The Divine and the angels directly intervened to save the life of his physical body. This life-changing event and direct encounter with these celestial beings resulted in Jim deeply and unquestionably knowing that The Divine and the angels do exist as does an afterlife.

            He realized the religions of the day had become steeped in traditions and rituals that had become more important than the deities themselves. Distrusting of all religious texts, he devoted the next 30 years to a spiritual quest for Truth and set out to develop his other clairvoyant abilities as part of his quest for real, honest, untainted answers from those he knew he could completely trust – The Divine and the angels. Guided daily by The Divine, he received the truth a little bit at a time. He is now an adept astral traveler and distant astral healer. Jim now easily and directly communicates with The Divine, angels and various ascended masters. Jim holds an honorary doctorate in metaphysics.

            Trish Mojica, contributing editor to the book, has been a gifted clairvoyant since childhood. At 5 years old she looked into a crystal ball and foresaw the automobile accident her father would be in later that week. When she was twelve years old she first encountered the metaphysical world when she began to clairvoyantly see, hear and feel non-physical spirits such as ghosts. At that time, the idea of spirit communication frightened her. She also experimented with and became adept at astral projection and out of body experiences. By the time she reached age fourteen, she was giving regular and accurate Tarot card readings to friends and members of her family.

            She has been reading for more than 30 years. Over the years, she practiced with Tarot cards and experimented with crystal scrying. She found that the more readings she did, the more sensitive she became to people and their needs and gifts. She discovered that she was particularly good at seeing people's possible futures. As the result of a near-death experience, she found herself with the ability to easily communicate with The Divine, the angels and select ascended masters. She is also an adept at astral projection and distant astral healing.

           Like most Wiccan practitioners, Jim and Trish are dedicated to teaching and manifesting a more peaceful, more loving and more responsible planet on which to live. Their dream is to someday spend all their time toward that end by teaching, giving talks and seminars and writing more books. They have written this book from the most objective point of view wherever possible without attempting to push their own particular religious practices on the reader. Even they were often surprised at what they discovered about deity, the cosmos and the afterlife.

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