Book of Herman: The Divine Inside


Journey with the authors on their spiritual quest to discover the truth about Divinity, the afterlife and other secrets of the universe. This unique, divinely inspired book contains selected true stories and memoirs  about the adventures and other direct experiences the authors have had with The Divine in the past several years. A new, modern light is shed on some of the most important age-old spiritual teachings of various religions however this is not a religious book.

The authors begin with a brief outline of the history of the evolution of human consciousness in terms of the development of religion and spirituality. Are we more than just physical bodies? What does it feel like to talk to a deity and receive real answers? What does the afterlife look and feel like? What happens before we are born? The authors recount many experiences they had as they pursued real answers to these and other questions. Details of each adventure or experience are expressed with vivid imagery. This has the effect of guided imagery meditation. The reader is invited to vicariously journey with the authors on these adventures as observers allowing them to feel like they are part of the story.

Book excerpt:
Introduction to The Book of Herman

      You are about to embark on a wonderful adventure! This book has selected true stories about our adventures, conversations and other direct experiences with The Divine, many beneficent spirit entities, as well as battles with the darkest forces of the universe. These events allowed us, the authors, to have many firsthand experiences in the non-physical worlds that are a mystery to most of us. As a result, we know what it feels like to experience true personal and spiritual freedom and real, lasting personal peace.

      Of course I could write about these adventures until I wear out my keyboard and that might benefit some. However, it is human nature to be skeptical until personal, firsthand experience proves otherwise. As you read though, I encourage you to try to imagine yourself right along there with us. I have made the imagery as vivid as possible to help make that easy for you to do. The last chapter has exercises that explain how to have some of these experiences for yourself but I urge you to not read ahead. I want you to first see what we have seen and vicariously experience what we have experienced. The first eleven chapters will prepare you well for your own sojourn.

      Have you ever wondered who you really are and why you are here on this Earth? Perhaps you have also asked such questions as “Who Am I, Really?”, “Is this life all there is or does the adventure continue?”, “Who is God and does He (or She) exist?”, “Why doesn’t God talk to me if He does exist as many people claim?” and other of life’s most important questions. You may also have heard some people talk about a Goddess or may have seen a bumper sticker or two saying something about a Goddess. Perhaps you have asked, “Does a Goddess actually exist?”

      These are great questions but why ask them? Asking a great question is an invitation to a journey of discovery and often, to an adventure. For many, an adventure brings with it the bliss of freedom to explore new territory. For others, asking a great question can open the door to the unknown and unpredictable. The best way to seek answers to your own great questions, questions that you truly don’t know the answers to, is to open up to the field of all possibilities. Limitless possibilities. God speaks to everyone. However, not everyone knows how to listen to God. Are you willing to receive an answer you may not like or agree with? What if the answer makes you uncomfortable or carries you outside the zone of safety and security you’ve built for yourself? What if the answer is not what you wanted to hear? On the other hand, what if the answer turns out to be close to or even exactly what you have always felt it would be?

      Why is it that many of us never get around to asking great questions and seeking answers to them? It is simply because of fear. It takes a brave person to ask great questions and then seek the Truth. Most people would rather stay in the safety of the known rather than seek the unknown. Even if they crash right into a great question, most people will run away from it or distract themselves by getting busy with another activity. This is also the main reason behind why most of us cannot or will not ask for and then receive guidance from The Divine and the angels.

      There are many experiences and circumstances that can serve to nudge us toward consciousness and new perspectives such as spending time with someone we love, experiencing a simple walk in the woods, a beautiful flower, the incredible scenery of the mountains or the beach. If we’re lucky, we encounter a teacher or Master who helps to open us up to new perspectives on life and consciousness. For most of us though, it takes the more difficult situations or even a serious crisis to nudge us into asking the great questions. A life crisis such as a life-threatening illness, a near-death experience, the death of a close friend or relative, failure of a marriage or even loneliness that seems unendurable for one more day can move us toward opening our minds then asking for and seeking the Truth.

      Personally, it took a life-threatening illness that precipitated a near-death experience for me to begin seeking answers to my own great questions. Had I chosen to seek the Truth and fallen in love with the Truth long before my own personal crisis, I would have avoided much if not all the suffering I went through. Had that happened though, this book may have never come to be.

      I believe that you have picked up the right book for you now in your life. It’s possible, even likely, that you have asked these or similar questions about life, deity and the universe and are seeking real answers. The question of whether there is a Deity or Truth or Reality or whatever you choose to call it can never be answered for you by books, priests, philosophers or saviors. Another person cannot answer this question for you. You yourself must find your own answer and that is why you must know who you really are. Most humans, through no fault of their own, are spiritually immature. This is not necessarily a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing, it is the reality of the situation most of us find ourselves in usually through no fault of our own. As a result though, most people are ignorant of who they really are. To understand yourself, to understand Who You Are, is the beginning of wisdom. Many of us have assumptions of who we are that may or may not be true or real. Often, those assumptions are based on what others have taught us based on their own assumptions. Are you ready to inquire into the unknown core of your being and begin to awaken from the dream of separation? Are you ready to discover the Truth of Who You Really Are? This book is a tool with many pointers and signposts to the Truth. May it help you with your own search for the Truth.

      We have found The Universe works in unexpected ways that are often beyond explanation. Everything happens for a reason even though we may not be privy to that reason at the time. If this book is in your hands at this moment in your life then it is likely the universe has a reason for ensuring it got into your hands. It is unlikely you would have stumbled across this book by random chance. Experiencing events like this that happen exactly when you need them to happen is called synchronicity. In other words, it is probably more than coincidental that you came across this book.

      This book may evoke various strong emotions within you as it did with us as we wrote it and with most of the people who reviewed the manuscript. It may raise more questions than answers for you. If you decide to seek the answers to those questions, you will at first be disturbed and then later, amazed.

      We are entering an era of spiritual awakening or consciousness evolution on our planet. This scale of awakening has not occurred before in the history of humankind. This book is a part of the evolutionary impulse to be free and to be a part of the Great Awakening of Human Consciousness. It is for everyone to choose to read, enjoy and learn from regardless of religious, spiritual or ethnic background.

      Trish, the co-author of this book, and I will present to you true stories of our personal, often mutual journeys on a path toward the discovery of who we really are as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Sharing these stories of mystical, magical and awe-inspiring experiences with you is a work of unconditional love for all. We will also be presenting a few true stories sent to us by close friends and acquaintances. There is a purpose to sharing these stories with you that will become clearer to you as you read. This book doesn’t contain any ‘my guru told me’ stories. You will find very few references to other previously published material other than for academic or historic reasons. While this book may have some of the look and feel of a ‘new age’ book, I assure it is not. Other than as mentioned, the information contained herein is Divinely inspired and often Divinely dictated.

      Our purpose here is not to tempt you with ideas of ours or ideas which you may find. We outline our adventures here because we feel you are entitled to some type of roadmap of the “Way” from someone who has already made the journey and then decides to proclaim loudly this chronicle of journeys has the positive objective of manifesting a more peaceful, loving world in which to live that begins with you.

      So, in addition to the personal journeys and adventures Trish and I have written about, this book is also a book of real hope for all humanity. I will do my best to show you ways that you can discover this hope for yourself if you choose to. I make no promises though, because like everything else, what is effective for Trish, me and many others may not work well for you. On the other hand, you and I are both human beings and that means that we have much more in common compared with whatever differences we may have.

      May our words inspire you in a positive way. I invite you to read this book with an open mind and open heart with your whole Being. Listen to it, feel it, sense it, digest it slowly and enjoy.

      The end of the world can only mean one thing – the end of illusion.


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