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My overall impression of The Book of Herman Volume One:

To experience true, personal and spiritual freedom and real, lasting personal peace is something many people will never experience in their lifetime. So many people are skeptical and live life without stopping to smell the roses. In Chapter One, Jim questions why he was asked to write such a book. I  believe it is because of who he is. Jim is a man with passion and it is conveyed nicely in the pages of this book. He mentions he has a love for The Truth and this is evident throughout the book. Jim seems to be a man whose zest for life is like none other.  He makes the reader believe that they too can experience the Divine in the same manner in which he and his co-author Trish have. 
It is obvious to me that Jim and Trish have done their homework with this book. It is well planned and carefully written. The manner in which Jim writes is wonderful.  He uses a narrative voice that is friendly, familiar and warm.  He never talks “at” you but shares his life’s experiences leaving you wanting to experience what Jim and Trish have first hand.
Jim reminds the readers to become reconnected with themselves because (as he so nicely puts it) the truth is out there and sometimes right in front of you but you are often too busy to notice.  We must all rediscover our Oneness.  I personally enjoyed the reflections Jim offers to the reader at the conclusion of each chapter – especially chapter 2: "To know who we really are, we must experience who we are not." 
Jim has some amazing reminders about the meaning of life.  Somehow I think our society has almost “deadened us” to that in a way. Jim mentions that he once was spiritually asleep and unconscious. Most of us walk around doing what we are expected to do in terms of what society expects us to do.  We really don’t understand the “why” behind what we do… we just do it automatically (for instance, going to church) because someone says we should or because other people are doing it. I must say that I would not believe that anyone could ever have an Adventure With The Divine in the manner in which Jim and Trish have without their stories as examples of the limitless possibilities.  Placing the soul in the baby for instance, that Jim and Trish talk about in Chapter Nine..... I cannot imagine what that must have been like to witness.
The book is easy to believe and is written with a genuineness that is hard to find in the written word today. Why was he chosen to write this book?  I think the answer is clear.  It is his purpose. No one would have believed a Rabbi, a Preacher or a Minister. That is their perceived job. Jim, on the other hand, is an ordinary man and he says so himself in the introduction. Yet he and Trish have had these experiences, often together, and have taken the time to share their experiences with others. This says so much about Jim and his Truths.
One chapter talks about meditation and how important it is to have a meditative practice. Meditation is such a wonderful means to reconnect. It is true that it can be a difficult practice to master. Jim does an excellent job helping the reader to learn this skill along with many others including, what I think is the most important, learning what it takes to be truly happy.
With all of that being said, I must say that Jim has put together a fantastic resource here. I am a firm believer in learning from other people’s life experiences. I really think he is on to something with his book and that many people will find solace in his work. In our society today we need wisdom like Jim's to be passed on and we also need something to believe in. Our world is very different today. The way Jim and Trish share their stories and wisdoms and present their ideas and findings is simply fantastic! He really does have a beautiful writing style. Jims words come across with a certain presence that I cannot put into words. I can tell that Jim has done a significant amount planning and preparation in crafting his work. He has really considered his audience in his writing by adding details and adding a voice that leaves you feeling like we just chatted over coffee. He does not preach but rather “shares”. Jim has crafted an excellent piece here; one that should be well received by a wide audience. Bravo on a piece well crafted!

"A revealing book for anyone seeking truth on a spiritual path. It makes you think, ask questions and seek answers. Highly recommended."
- D. J. Conway, Author, Moon Magick, Celtic Magick, Wicca, The Complete Craft and many other popular books.

"Jim Buckman's The Book of Herman stirs the deepest part of the true Self into welcoming wakefulness. It asks the tough questions that turn our truths into beliefs, our beliefs into knowledge, our knowledge into wisdom, and our wisdom onto yet another path to finding the Divine in ourselves and in all beings. An essential addition to any spiritual seeker's bookshelf."
- Edain McCoy, Author, Advanced Witchcraft, The Sabbats, and Celtic Myth & Magick

"Engaging and insightful, The Book of Herman presents in depth concepts of the Divine and how the Divine is expressed within our universe in clear and understandable language. It is obvious from the first page that the authors seek to show you how you can understand what your place in this Divinely unfolding universe is and how you can create your own destiny."
- Karen Harrison, Author, The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook

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